Dugga - learning assessment
Let's make it right

Welcome to a new world of possibilities for teachers, students and schools.

Turn creating and grading exams into a right, effective and fun part of a teacher’s job. Dugga is an easy-to-use digital system for tests, exams and other types of learning assessment. A new world of opportunities is opened for you and your school.

With Dugga your work with learning assessment becomes a simple, effective and fun part of the teaching profession. The system gives you the opportunity to spend more qualitative time with your students.

Dugga is platform independent and can be used on for example PC, Mac, Chromebook and iPad. With our broad variety of question types Dugga provides instant feedback and enables teachers to spend more quality time with their students. You can be a more present and available teacher for your students so that your can focus on their learning. Teachers, welcome back to the classroom!