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e-Exams. Easy. Effective. Engaging. 
by teachers for teachers

Dugga is a computer based examination system developed by teachers for teachers.Dugga has numerous advantages that takes student assessment beyond the outdated paper and pen exams. With dugga teachers can dedicate more quality time with their students. Dugga reduces marking and grading times thanks to automization. Teachers, welcome back to the classroom!

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Using dugga 

By using dugga, teachers can shift their focus from tedious administrative taks due to paper-and-pen exams to putting their efforts into students' learning instead. The immediate processing of test results shortens the total assessment period considerably. Dugga provides economical advantages for educational organizations adopting and implementing the system.


Automized marking reduces administration tasks and teacher workload


Teachers can focus on teaching, which in turn improves students learning and results


Providing unbiased, anonymous and accurate marking


Allowing faster student feedback and re-examinations

Learning outcomes

Among educators it is understood that student assessment is a crucial part of measuring learning outcomes.

The dugga system ensures that this can be achieved throughout courses and educational programs in an effortless way.

The dugga system has been developed to fit into educational systems at elementary school, high school, gymnasium, college and university level.

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