Creating and grading

Many different question types

When you create tests in the Dugga examination system, you can choose from many different question types. This means that you can use Dugga to streamline and simplify the examination process, but also as a daily tool for learning assessment and to adjust your teaching.

Grading matrices

With the Dugga grading matrices it becomes easier for you to work with formative assessment. It also helps to keep all matrices up to date and relevant. Through the use of matrices students as well as teachers can define how a qualitative response shall be designed, and teaching can be improved.

Question archive

The questions that you as a teacher create in the system are stored in your archive. With the Dugga school licenses these archives of questions can be shared between teachers and together you can build a bank of questions that are relevant to your topic.


Security levels

In addition to offering a complete lockdown of the students’ computers Dugga offers other levels of security that can be suitable for smaller tests and learning assessments. The complete lockdown mode works very well for national exams.

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How to create an exam in Dugga