Where do I get a user account and log-in details?

Before the exam you must create your Dugga account. You will do this by clicking on the link that will be sent to you by email. During the exam session you log in to your Dugga account and you will receive further information to access the exam. User details and exams are written anonymously.

Do I have to close all tabs before writing the exam?

No, it is not a requirement, but we recommend that you close all tabs and all other programmes on the computer, so that it can perform optimally.

Is it possible to start the programme accidentally before the examination session?

No, the exam will only be accessible from the start of the session.

How do I open and start the exam?

Go to and log in using the details you have received for the examination session.

Are there separate pages for questions and answers?

No. The question appears on the same page where you enter your answer.

Can I use figures or drawings in my answers?

There is a figure/drawing function.

Are there cover sheets and page numbers in Dugga?

You do not have to hand in a cover sheet or worry about page numbers.

Can I answer questions in any order? Can I go back to questions I already answered?

This depends on how the exam has been designed in Dugga. Sometimes it is not possible to go back to earlier questions. You will receive information about this for each exam.

Do I need to submit my answers, or does this happen automatically when the time is up?

You need to submit your answers via the platform when you are done.

Can I copy and paste on the platform?


Can I change my mind after clicking “submit”?

You cannot reverse a submission by yourself so you need to contact a proctor. You need to confirm submission in several steps, so it would be difficult to submit by mistake.

Can I write answers that are longer than a single page?

This depends on whether the teacher specified a maximum number of words for the answer. You receive information about this for each examination.

How much time do I get?

Exam duration is specified on the cover page of each exam.

How do I get the results from a digital exam?

Results are available via your Dugga account. Your teacher will inform you when the results are published. You can then log into Dugga to access your results and teacher comments.

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